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World leaders in Pet giftware - Here at we've been providing your best friends for over 35 years with Pet Stickers and giftware that displays to everyone that your Pet is part of the family. is part of Birdbrook Promotional Products Ltd where we are well known in the business of Rosettes - please feel free to visit

From signs telling your friends and unwanted visitors that they are home! We have pet stickers, key rings, sew on emblems, transfers, postcards, greeting card, mini magnets, pet stickers plus a lot, lot more!

The easiest way to view part of our product range is to browse through our categories here on our website. You are welcome to view our many Pet Sticker Products. Alternatively, the company maintains a very high profile at the major gift fairs where you would be more than welcome and would experience the product, first hand.

Thank you for joining us in being ''.

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Featured Pet Stickers
1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel blen. - £ 5.10 2. Golden Retriever - £ 5.10 3. Jack Russel Terrier rough - £ 5.10 4. Rottweiler - £ 5.10 5. German Shepherd - £ 5.10 6. Guardsigns_8012 - £ 6.64 7. Border Collie - £ 5.10 8. Labrador black - £ 5.10 9. Guardsigns_8016 - £ 6.64